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Sourdough Workshop

Sourdough Loaf

Saturday 13th May,
1pm - 4pm Cost: $60

Learn how to create your own crusty and delicious sourdough! This hands-on three hour workshop covers basic theory as well as all the steps of making bread and why sourdough is so good for you – chemical free and friendly to your gut! You will take away a piece of dough to bake at home, sourdough starter, a bowl cover and an eBook with recipes.


Time to rise to the challenge and prove yourself capable of creating your own tough-crusted and deliciously dense sourdough and bake perfect loaves. This hands-on workshop covers basic theory as well as all the steps of making bread and why sourdough is simply the best bread from nutritional point of view. (hint: it`s chemical free and friendly to your gut).

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The essential ingredients and tools

    • The equipment needed to produce a great looking and tasting sourdough loaf at home

    • Ingredient selection - what kind of flour to use for the best nutrition and results

  • The principal steps of bread making.

    • What bread dough looks and feels like at its various stages of preparation and development,

    • The processes of sourdough fermentation, mixing, kneading, folding and baking. 

    • Baker’s percentage and hydration.

    • Shaping loaves into proofing basket, scoring and ways how to bake sourdough bread using a home oven

  • Maintaining a starter and starter care.

    • Ways how to create and look after your own Sourdough starter culture

What to bring: a bowl, tea towel, apron, good mood

Vegetable Fermentation Workshop

Vegetable Fermentation_edited.jpg

Saturday 20th May, 1pm - 4pm
Cost: $60

In this workshop you will learn techniques for preserving fresh vegetables, brining methods, percentages, what role salt and temperature play, what vegetable and equipment to use, jarring & storage.
Bring 2 jars, apron & a good mood!



Workshop focuses on giving participants techniques for preserving abundant crops and give them an appreciation of the role that probiotic foods play in a nutritious and delicious diet. Our fermentation workshop involves 3 hours of hands-on learning in all areas of lacto-fermenting, to ensure future fermenting success. On the day you will make your own sauerkraut and brine ferment. Participants also get to taste a whole range of amazing fermented products and leave the workshop with the knowledge and confidence to go home and get fermenting.


You will learn:

  • The basics of Gut Health 

  • The Gut Microbiome 

  • The Role of probiotics and fermentation in Gut Health

  • Health benefits of fermentation

  • What is fermentation anyway and different types of fermentation

  • How to make your own ferments using different techniques

  • All things to know for yummy and safe fermentation including fermentation rules, what vegetables to use, brining methods, percentages, what role salt and temperature play, cleanliness, what equipment to use, jarring and storage

Take home:

Your own 2 different ferments you make during the workshop

Available to purchase:

Fermentation kit containing comprehensive Start fermenting at home Ebook


To enrol into one (or all) of the above workshops for Term 2, download and complete our enrolment form below. You can email this through to, post it to 57 Linda Avenue, Box Hill North 3129 or drop into the office! 

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