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Story in the Window

Celebrating the Centenary of Federation

The window at Kerrimuir Neighbourhood House commemorates The Wurundjeri people, the original inhabitants and custodians of this land (black, red and yellow sun) who lived by Bushy Creek (blue and white).

The flora indigenous to this area:

 - Hardenberger Violasia (purple)

 - Billy Buttons (yellow),

 - Daisies (yellow & white).

 - Chocolate lillies (purple & yellow),

 - Fishbone Fern (green)

 - Golden Wattle (yellow) and

 - Gumflowers (red & brown)

The Pobblebonk Frog (green) also lived by the creek.

The tram depicts the first in the southern hemisphere travelling to Doncaster for 1/6d.

City Of Whitehorse Community & Neighbourhood Houses
Celebrating the Centenary of Federation


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